Patient Reviews

I have been a patient with top of the line dentists in New York and Los Angeles for many, many years. But there are no finer doctors than Ramin Mahallati and Fereidoun Daftary at the Center of Implant and Esthetic Dentistry. With a severe case of gingivitis, it was clear I needed many implants. They collaborated with New York implant expert Dr. Dennis Tarnow and rebuilt my mouth. Being prominent in show business, my smile is vital to my success. Thanks to them, the look of my teeth now garners compliments on a daily basis. Their intent was not having my smile look like “chicklets.” Both Doctors were intent on ensuring that no one would ever be able to imagine that the new teeth were not mine.

And, the care and concern and bedside manner of Dr. Mahallati … His warmth and clarity in explanations and meticulous care of my dental problems are beyond compare. I am eternally grateful to both Dr. Mahallati and Dr. Daftary for the dental care of a lifetime.

Bob G.

Thank you for your kind words of support Bob! As he indicated, Bob’s dental treatment was challenging especially since we had to keep him “stage ready” during the entire treatment. It was also very important during the year and a half treatment process to be able to maintain professional standards in the public eye with natural-looking “temporary” teeth. We were able to accomplish this and the final results with great success! We are thrilled to provide patients with the smile of a lifetime!

This review is so glowing it’s going to sound fake but I mean every word. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Mahallati’s for over ten years and I cannot say enough about how wonderful, meticulous, caring and thorough he is. He is an absolute artist in his work, and so calmly reassuring in his manner. He and his entire team are professional, prompt, thoughtful and caring. I have recommended him to everyone I know and it gives me huge pleasure to recommend him whole heartedly here. I feel lucky to know him and his entire team.

Sonya W.

Thank you very much Sonya! I remember the day you had a dental emergency on a Sunday. You were so appreciative when I arrived that day and continue to be a delight whenever you come for your dental appointments. We feel we are part of Sonya’s “family” from her numerous and gracious referrals. Your continuous support and confidence in our dental practice is greatly appreciated!

I want to greatly thank Dr. Mahallati for restoring my smile. I strongly believe a smile is the most important single feature a person possesses. Most people take it for granted. Since I’m one of the few to have experienced losing it, I’m one of the few that knows to appreciate it.

Ever since I lost my front teeth in traumatic accident at the age of 9, I suffered hardships for the next 23 years. There were times I went into extremely dark places with the dilemmas I faced, and I just wished to be normal like everybody else. I have had braces, dentures, implants placed, implants removed, bone graft procedures, repeated jaw surgeries, a cross bite, non-visible smile that was ridiculed by peers, and frequent time in the dental chair. My case was said to be complicated and I continued to get bounced between doctors and dentists feeling helpless and lost. Dr. Mahallati saved me in this time of distress as he set the path for treatment. Since Dr. Mahallati took over, my smile has been soundly restored and my smile is now a source of compliment. With the restoration treatment by Dr. Mahallati I finally feel I have a good smile after such a long journey.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Ramin Mahallati, as well as his staff, for the detailed and exhaustive efforts they made in treating my complex dental case. I’m very thankful he took the lead on my case and set the right path. I appreciate that he listened to my needs and took the time to give clear explanations and answer to all my questions throughout the process. His knowledge, skills, good communication, and diligence ultimately achieved such a great result which has me smiling all the time. Thank you.

Hamid P.

Thank you very much for sharing your story Hamid. The joy of giving someone back their smile is perhaps the most rewarding part of our jobs. On a daily basis we come across people who have been going from one dentist to another with less than satisfactory results. We go through a very rigorous and exhaustive interview process to fully understand the requirements, wants and desires of each and every patient. We embark on the treatment only after we have a good understanding of exactly what the patient wants and all the steps required to get there. We feel we can provide the smile that both the patient and every member of our team is proud of only when we can all see the end results very clearly from the beginning. We are proud to share many happy beginnings with our patients.